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evolvingWe’re always Evolving! 

Here are 5 ways I can help you revolutionize your communication.

In case you’ve ever wondered… What can Robyn and SpeakEtc. do for me?

Let me count the ways:

1)     Problem: You dread people asking: …and what do you do?” because you have a hard time explaining what you do in a way that doesn’t make their eyes glaze over or you feel like a used car salesman.

How I can help: In one or two one-on-one sessions, I can discover what sets you apart, match what you do with your unique communication style, what I call your “ActorType,” and help you create a pitch to be proud of Within the first 20 minutes of one session, I had a client call me a “genius” for transforming his generic jargon-filled elevator pitch into an engaging, individualized, intro-mercial for his marketing business which he can now fold into a conversation, use on his website, or pitch to investors or prospects.

2)     Problem: You have an important presentation coming up and its success could mean recognition and more business and revenue for you and/or your company but you’re lacking confidence and don’t know how to pull it all together.

How I can help: I work with you and your presentation at any stage. I can organize and polish your existing material; help you write compelling content from scratch and/or help you hone your delivery skills (body language and voice) so that your presentation is engaging and reflects your unique communication style.  Within 3-6 sessions, I’ve helped upwards of 20 individuals organize, write, tweak, and learn to deliver presentations on: Dating; Owning one’s beauty; running a business; socially responsible portfolio investing; investing in Master Limited Partnerships; Developing better fitness and health practices; bringing specialty foods to the U.S. market; Spiritual awakening in Peru; and many other fascinating topics. My clients have used these presentations at TedX conferences, for videos on their sites and other major and minor stages.

3)      Problem: Your job security and effectiveness is being compromised because you have difficulty expressing yourself successfully at work. Or your advancement at work is being hampered by your inability to show executive and leadership presence.

How I can help: By administering Everything DiSC assessments, I can provide customized 6 session packages of one-one-one executive coaching. This past year I have helped, Senior account executives, Vice-presidents; CEOs, sales associates; teachers; lawyers, and others, learn strategies to communicate more effectively with supervisors and colleagues and have helped them earn the respect and recognition they deserve. Jobs were saved, promotions won, confidence and effectiveness soared.

4)      Problem: YOUR communication is great but you’re in charge of a team or staff of individuals who would be much more successful if they had more confidence communicating with and presenting to clients and prospects.

How I can help: I can create customized workshops and training sessions for up to 20 participants. This past year, I’ve created and delivered training to several different companies in several different fields from global marketing teams; advertising agencies & legal teams; financial advisors; sales associates; & classroom teachers. I’ve helped companies  -“Stop presenting, start engaging; learn listening skills; improve team communication

5)      Problem: You have an interview coming up for the media, a new job, or graduate school.

How I can help: In 3-6 one-on-one coaching sessions, I will research specific interview questions, role-play, and videotape mock interviews. I can help you polish your body language, vocal tone, and your ability to think on your feet and give answers that show you at your best. In the past, I’ve coached young adults into their first jobs, helped a medical student win a coveted internship and helped entrepreneurs shine in front of the camera.

If you are ready to start your evolution, let’s chat!

Author: Robyn Hatcher

Robyn Hatcher, is a dynamic keynote speaker, communication expert, author, thought leader and award-winning actor. Robyn transforms the careers of business leaders and the culture of organizations, through customized corporate programs, private coaching, and interactive, content rich presentations. Using her 15 plus years in the entertainment industry and her experience as a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, she inspires. She invigorates. She leaves you with tangible skills you can apply the very next day. In 2018, Robyn appeared on Good Morning America speaking about the “#metoo” movement and was named one of the '21 Leaders for the 21st Century' 2019 by Women's eNews!

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